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Professional athletes deserve high salary

By honghuguo Oct 24, 2013 444 Words
To begin with, those athletes with high salaries have some special talent which normal people cannot have in certain areas. Athletes are experts at some specific sports such as basketball, football, swimming and so on. It is hard for average people to reach that level, no matter how hard they try. People who watch the game can obtain happy experiences and enjoyments, which may enrich their lives and benefit their health. A number of common people become obsessed with sports and start playing basketball or football or something else after watching particular exciting games on television. Moreover, an excellent performance of a player can earn honor for his country. When the athletes get the gold medal with the national flag on their back and enjoy the cheers and yells from the audience,they make a great contribution to the reputation of their countries. Thus, they deserve a high reward like good salaries.

Another reason of equal importance is that these famous athletes sacrifice something to get what they have. For example, almost all athletes suffer from injuries because of heavy training and physical competitions to win the games. In addition, they are too occupied with training and social activities that many of them spare no time with their families. What’s more, they have to face the fact that common people are not only interested in their performance in the game, but also curious about their personal lives. They have heavy duty on their shoulder to behave well since many eyes have kept watching on them. If they make a mistake, no mater how small it is, the overwhelming criticism from the public will do great harm both physically and mentally. Take Tiger Woods for example, the sex scandals have severe adverse impact on both his family and career.

Besides from above points, another factor for my inclination is that the strong characters of professional athletes especially the successful ones earn the respect and favor of the public. Their spirits, perseverance and courage inspired various people and even influenced their lives. For instance, many teenagers take Kobe Brain as their idol, not only for his excellent performance but also for his insistence strong will. When they meet difficulties, they are more likely to behave the way as their idol do. Hence, the famous athletes deserve what they earned.

Admittedly, the income of those famous athletes is far beyond the normal level. However, do not be jealous of these professional athletes, although we all admire the millions of dollars they made. As the old saying goes, no pains no gains. They use their talents, great efforts and strong will to earn their own paycheck.

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