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Professional Research And Analysis For Accounting


Qualitative Versus Quantitative Research
Empirical research methodology has been regarded as a significant class of research studies in which empirical observations are collected in order to emphasis specific research questions. While initially utilized in academic research, they can either be helpful in responding practical questions (Daniel, 2002).Generally, empirical research methods can be separated into two types of evaluation methodologies: Quantitative and Qualitative research. Simply to distinguish between quantitative and qualitative might to say that qualitative research involves researchers emphasising difference characteristics of population (customer satisfaction, leadership and learning aptitude) and events without comparing each other in terms of measurements or amounts(Murray, 2003). Back to early stages, the history of the origins of qualitative research has been written in many ways. Qualitative method involve an interpretive, naturalistic approach to its subject matter. This means that qualitative researchers study things in their natural settings and attempt to make sense of them. Qualitative research involves the studied use and collection of a variety of empirical materials that describe routine and problematic moments and meanings in people’s lives (Denzin&Lincoln, 1994). The book named “Becoming qualitative researchers” pointed out that qualitative researchers seek to make sense of personal stories and the ways in which they interact. Qualitative inquiry is an umbrella term for various philosophical orientations to interpretive research (Glesne&Peshkin, 1992). By contrast, Quantitative researchers mainly concentrate on measurements and amounts of the characteristics displayed by the population and events that the researcher studies, and analyses it using statistical methods (Victor, 2006). Research data that involves both monetary and non-monetary numerical measures. It tends to be more appropriate while theory is well established, and for purposes of theory testing and modification. Early forerunners defined quantitative methods as, a research uses numbers and statistical. It’s built on numerical measurements of particular aspects of phenomena; it takes from particular instances to seek a general description or to test the hypotheses; it seeks measurements and analyses as well which are simply replicable by other researchers (King, 1994). Furthermore, Glesne and Peshkin illustrated their opinion to quantitative characterizes as well; quantitative researchers they look for predictions and explanations that can be generalized to other persons Careful sampling collections and experimental designs are adopted in quantitative mythology and aimed to achieve generalizable data. In addition, researchers play a significant role in observing and measuring in quantitative research. Meanwhile, due to “objectivity” is existed anywhere in quantitative studies, researchers are required to pay much attention on “contamination data” through personal involvement with research project (Glesne&Peshkin, 1992). However, when it comes to reality, either quantitative or qualitative cannot describe the completely characteristic of research method, thus the researchers can make the own decision by using one or two methods. For instance, open ended questions are the essential tools used to collect qualitative data via a survey as well as quantitative data using closed questions, observations of participant behavior, measures of response time and accuracy are both involved into an experiment. Moreover, the research question and the level of knowledge in the study area are the significant condition to obtain the sufficient and clear research method as the key success of any research project. The more various research method can be applied at the same time, the more effective in acquiring a particular...
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