Productivity and Profitability Analysis- a Case Study of Rajshahi Sugar Mills. Ltd.

Topics: Productivity, Sugar, Profit Pages: 85 (15349 words) Published: January 14, 2013

A Research (Thesis) report submitted to the University of Rajshahi for the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting and Information Systems

|Supervisor |Submitted By: | |Professor DR. MADAN MOHAN DEY |TANMAY BISWAS | |Department of Accounting & |Student of MBA (Final) | |Information Systems |Roll No. 06107042 | |University of Rajshahi |Session- 2010-2011 | | |Department of Accounting & | | |Information Systems | | |University of Rajshahi |

Department of Accounting & Information Systems

University of Rajshahi

Rajshahi, Bangladesh


GAAP = Generally Accepted Accounting principles

AIS= Accounting & Information Systems.

BSFIC = Bangladesh Sugar and food Industries corporation.

RJMS= Rajshahi Sugar mills Ltd.

BMRE = Balancing, Modernizing, Replacement and Expansion

EPS = Earning Per share.

EBIT = Earning Before Interest and Taxes.

ROA = Return on Assets

ROFA = Return on Fixed Assets.

ROI= Return on Investment

TCA = Total cans per Acre.

TCD= Total Crushing Per Day.

CVP = Cost-Volume-profit

SD = Standard deviation

C.V. = Co-efficient of Variation

APB = Accounting Principles Board.


This is to certify that Tanmay Biswas is a Student of Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Department of Accounting and Information Systems, University of Rajshahi, bearing Class Roll No. 06107042 and Session – 2005-2006. He has successfully completed his research report on “An overview of Productivity and Profitability Analysis of Rajshahi Sugar Mills” in Rajshahi Sugar Mills under my supervision from 5th april’ 2012 to 05th July’ 2012

I wish him every success in life.


Dr. Madan Mohan Dey


Department of Accounting

And Information Systems

University of Rajshahi


With great pleasure and happiness I express my deepest gratitude to Almighty creator who created the universe. The study has been undertaken for partial fulfillment of the requirements for the attainment of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program in Accounting and information systems, University of Rajshahi.

I express my deep hearted respects to my honorable Supervisor Professor Dr. Madan Mohan Dey, Department of Accounting and Information Systems, University of Rajshahi. His guidance and assistance helped me a lot, while I write the research report. I am also thankful to Chairman and all of Teachers, Department of Accounting and Information Systems, University of Rajshahi, for their support and encouragement.

I am deeply indebted to managing director of Rajshahi Sugar Mills, Rajshahi and other officers of the Sugar mills who have deeply...

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