Productive and Counterproductive Behavior Paper

Topics: Employment, Human behavior, Behavior Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Verenice Yañez
University of Phoenix
Dr. Donald Collins
November 15, 2010

In order for an organization to achieve its goals, it has to have an effective business approach and productive employees. In order for this to take place there has to be guide lines in place for employees to follow and exceed if at all possible. Though we have to be realistic what organization does not wish for this by all means be possible. There are many factors that can be taken in to account on why an employee can be productive and counter productive.

In order to be productive an employee should have a clear understanding on what productive behavior is. What is productive behavior? It is the positive behavior that an employee has in order to achieve the goals of any giving company. If the employee does not have a clear understanding of what the organizations goals and objectives are, it may cause a great deal of frustration to the employee and to the organization. Having productive behavior can impact a job performance in a positive way. Being productive does not happen by just wishful thinking many parts have to be in place in order for this to take place. For instance an employee should have knowledge or the skills necessary to perform the job, this gives the employee self confidence in the work that needs to be done. Also motivational situations help an employee to be more productive in the work place. Such as having some incentives in place for employees when a goal is achieved. If an employee is over all happy and comfortable in the work place in could have a productive out come for the company.

Just like there are some factors that can produce productive behavior there are also negative behavior that can cause an employee to be counter productive in an organization. Counter productive behavior that is considered behavior that contradicts with the...
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