Production Plan for Baby Food in the Philippines

Topics: Balance sheet, Baby food, Asset Pages: 3 (473 words) Published: May 30, 2011
Purpose of the Product / Service
We want to be able to produce a locally-made “baby food” product similar to “Gerber”, but that caters to the nutritional needs of Filipino babies.

The primary target are mothers with 4-7 month old babies. Secondary target market are expectant mothers and mothers with 8-12 month old babies.

In the Philippines, the only baby food companies known are Gerber and Nestle Cerelac. How well do these companies deliver on their promises to provide the healthiest and the most nutritious food made of the finest ingredients? It is hard to say. Most parents have no way of knowing the percentage of vegetable, fruit or chicken mixed in baby food.

It is clear that parents still need help in choosing the most healthful foods for their babies, thus the need for continued focus on enhancing overall development for baby food in the country.

Product Features
- Technical Description
- Basic Description
- Technical Description
Related Products / Services and Spin-offs
Describe the related products, services, spin offs the firm will undertake if any 2.6 Product / Service Limitations
Weaknesses of the product/ service
2.7 Product / Service Liability to Customers and or Society
Examine all potential liabilities
2.8 Production
2.8.1 Production Process Choice between job shop and assembly line Step by step process Plant Capacity Production Cost per unit Labor Requirements
2.8.2 Production Schedule
2.8.3 Projected Output
2.8.4 Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Licenses, Royalties
2.9 Facilities, Tools, Machineries and Equipments
2.9.1 Facilities
- Plant Location
- Plant Lay-out
- Facilities
- Utilities
2.9.2 Tools
2.9.3 Machineries and Equipments
2.10 Suppliers
2.10.1 Raw Materials
2.10.2 Supplies
2.11 Environmental Factors
2.11.1 Environmental Impact
2.11.2 Waste Disposal System
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