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3-YEAR PART-TIME MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAM IN HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT / MARKETING MANAGEMENT / FINANCIAL MANANGEMENT / INFORMATION MANAGEMENT / (MHRDM/MMM/MFM/MIM) FIRST YEAR- FIRST SEMESTER 1 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING LEVEL OF KNOWLEDG: BASIC 1. Financial Accounting-Scope and Importance 2. GAAP, Conventions and Concept. 3. Balance Sheet and Related Concepts. 4. Profit and Loss Account and Related Concepts. 5. Accounting Mechanics: Basic Records – Understanding of Transactions and related documents-Process leading to preparation of Trial Balance and Financial Statements. 6. Revenue Recognition and Measurement-Revenue Vs Capital (Receipts and expenditure. 7. Accounting Methods-Cash, Accrual, Hybrid. 8. Inventory Accounting-Perpetual and Periodic system Accounting and Physical Flow Valuation 9. Fixed Assets and Depreciation Accounting. 10. Understanding of the following Items: Net worth-Reserves-Provisions-Intangible assts-Fictitious Assets-Revaluation of fixed assets and its impact on financial statements. 11. Overview of External and Internal audit. 12. Inflation Accounting. 13. Corporate Financial Reporting in India. 14. Mandatory Accounting standards. 1.2 BUSINESS LAW OBJECTIVE: to expose the students to the objects and broad frame work of legislative actment within which business operators. CONTENTS: Indian Contract Act Sale of goods Act Negotiable Instruments Act Restrictive and Unfair Trade Practices (instead of Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practice)

UNDERSTANDING COSTS Various cost as presented in Income statement –Classification of Cost for Purposes of Recording-Material / Labour/Overhead-Cost Recording and Allocation Service Departments and Absorption Rates-Determination of Costs of Products- Costing system-Job and Process Costing –Cost of and Inventory Valuation-LIFO and FIFO –Cost Behavior Fixed. Variable and Semi-Variables and its significance in Financial Projections. Cost and Management Decisions: Total Cost, Average Cost, Managerial CostOpportunity Cost, Out of Pocket Cost, Direct cost-Concept of Cost RelevanceBudgeting Process-An Overview –Different Functional Budgets and their Integration with Final statements- Introduction to Profit Budgeting : Cost Volume-Profit Relationship. Concept of Control : Operations Control and Management Control-Key variable of Managerial Performance Developing Objective Standards for Measuring the key variables-Analysis of Input in Terms of Engineered Capacity and Managed Cost-Concepts of Responsibility budgeting –Reporting system for ControlControl of (a) Performance of Organisational Units : Divisions, Departments, Cell etc (b) Control of Functions and Activities which cut across Organisational Units like Recruitment, Training, committee Work, Product Development Samples Promotion etc. Information system for Control-Scope for Computerization. 1.4 ) ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR OBJECTIVE: Increasing managerial effectiveness through understanding of self and other. SYLLABUS : The Individual Personality-Personality and behavior-PersonalityStructure ability and emotion-Personality and environment-Perception, learning, interest attitude and values, motives, frustration and conflict-Adjustment, adoption and integration of personality- Management of One to one relationship. 1.5 ) PRINCIPLES OF MANANGEMENT N.B. Practical exercise case studies should be discussed in order to explain the concept of management and underlining principals . The participant must be in a position to handle pragmatic situation arising during the course of their day-today working. The following aspects of management should be discussed in a problem solving manner:(1) Management-Conceptual analysis, evaluation of Management Philosophy, definition principles of Management functions of Management, role of

(2) (3)




management, techniques in modern industry and commerce- its relevance to different types of organizations like Universities, Hospitals, Social Organization, etc....
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