Production Management

Topics: Management, Planning, Operations management Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Understand basic production management and its function
Obtain knowledge of basic methodology in order to apply these in a working field and find a way to improve productivity and eliminate waste Understand higher level of production management
Gain ability of forecasting demand, planning a production schedule and fulfilling capacity of production and reform of an organization

Planning and control of production
of goods and services are essential for efficient and effective operations. It is definitely not enough (though necessary) for every worker to “know” his/her job. There has to be a planned, coordinated and monitored system of approach to the operations and productions of the organization. This is the reason for production management.

In short production management is the Art of Managing the Production. It basically concerns itself with the conversion of inputs into outputs. Production management can be also defined as “The job of coordinating and controlling all the activities required in making a product”.This concept is not restricted to only industrial or manufacturing sectors; it is also applicable to service industries. The performance of management activities with regards to selecting, designing, operating, controlling and updating production system

Production management focuses on two significant functions: responsibilities and planning and control.
The production management’s responsibility sees to the following areas; men (labor), machines, methods, materials and money.

The production management’s responsibility
Men: this refers to the labor force. This responsibility is often referred to as people management. This is to build a workforce that can easily adapt to new equipment and schedules in production. Machines and Method: This involves choosing the machine and technology used in production of...
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