production and supply process of bottled water in dhaka

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Chapter – 1
As we know that now-a days people of Bangladesh are becoming very health conscious and pure drinking water is one of the main component to become healthy and sound. In that light lot of companies are coming up with different brand of mineral water with different types of package and promotion.  So, there are high responds from the consumer sides on mineral water (Bureau of Statistics). Here my objective is to find out MUM’s Market Penetration Strategy comparing with other mineral water in the market. Origin of the report

In today’s world academic education is not enough to enable student compete with confidence and reach his/her goal without having experience of the outside world. The report which has given the opportunity to learn about how a particular company sets its Marketing Strategy to launch its product in the market place to satisfy the organizational goal. Topic of the report

A topic has to be selected for the report. A well-defined topic reveals what is going to be discussed throughout the report. The topic has been assigned “The Marketing Strategy of MUM drinking water in Bangladesh”. Background of the study

Consumers often judge the quality of a product or a service on the basis of a variety of on formational cues that they associate with the product. Some of these cues are intrinsic to the product or services, others are extrinsic. Either singly or in composite, such cues provide the basis for perception of product and service quality. Cues that are intrinsic concern physical characteristics of the product its self, such as size, color, design etc. In the absences of actual experience with a product, consumers often within “evaluate” quality on the basis of extrinsic cues- cues that are external to the product itself, such as price, brand image, manufacturers, retail sores, or even the country origin. Partex Beverage Limited (PBL) is one of the risen mineral water company in Bangladesh which serves MUM to the consumer. They have lots of distributors for their distribution who serves their product to the retailers time to time. For the institution most of the time they distribute directly to the end user or that institution. When the wholesaler sell their product to retailer or institutions, sometimes the wholesalers give them credit facility. Now MUM wants to run out them from this strategy (wholesaler). They want to distribute their product to the retailers or institutions through distributors or directly, not through wholesalers while other competitors like Super Fresh, ACME, Duncan Kinley, Jibon, Pran etc. are selling their product through wholesalers. Super Fresh come up with different types of pack sizes where MUM has only 2 types of pack sizes. Super fresh are offering some kinds promotion to their dealer to promote their product and increase their sales and increase the awareness of their brand. In that concern I have to find out that what MUM should do for their dealer and at the same time for their end user. Objective of the project

General objective
The general objective of this study is to complete the report. As per requirement of Business Administration Department of ASA University Bangladesh, all students need to prepare a report for the BUS 498 course to acquire practical knowledge about real business operation. Specific Objective

The report that I have to do as Marketing student, must have some specific objectives. The specific of the report is to explore the Marketing strategy of “MUM” a bottled water product of Partex Beverage Limited (PBL). Specific objective

Identifying the market size &...
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