Production and Operations Management

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Model Questions based on Previous years Question Papers


Qs. 1 : Explain the importance of Production & Operation Management in current scenario. Why it has become an integral part of Business Education ? State with examples. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2011]

Qs. 2 : Operation Management is becoming a very important subject in Business Education in the last few decades. Explain the importance of Production & Operation Management & why it is an integral part of Business Education. State with example. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2010]

Qs. 3 : Compare production planning & control operations in intermittent & continuous manufacturing systems. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2009]

Qs. 4 : Critically examine the nature & significance of the study of Operations Management. Briefly discuss the challenges faced by an Operations Manager. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2007]

Qs. 5 : Differentiate between Product design & Service design. Analyse the characteristics of a good Service design. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2007]

Qs. 6 : Define planning. Distinguish amongst Strategic planning, Operations planning & Futuristic planning. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2007]

Qs. 7 : What is the difference between Operation & Production management ? Explain various functions of Operations management. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2007]

Qs. 8 : Describe various operation functions in a manufacturing organization. Distinguish between manufacturing & service operations. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2006]

Qs. 9 (a) : What are the various operation management decisions ? Explain with contemporary business environment.
(b) : What do you understand by value analysis ? What are characteristics of good service design ? [BBA-IP: Dec. 2005]

Qs. 10 : ‘A job is more than a list of task that a worker has to carry on regular basis’ - Explain. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2005]

Qs. 11 (a) : What is operation management ? Explain its scope & significance. (b) : ‘Emerging services economy & growing environmental awareness pose a challenge to the Operations Manager’ – comment. © : Explain the criteria used to differentiate services from manufactured goods using appropriate examples. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2004]

Qs. 12 : Explain the principles of job design which will enable the Operations manager to address the behavioral & physical aspects of work and thus increase the productivity of the organization. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2004]

Qs. 13 : Discuss the importance of Operations Management in organizations & explain the reasons for its growing significance in the present day context. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2003]

Qs. 14 : Explain different stages in the process of product design & outline the factors to be considered in designing the product. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2003]

Qs. 15 : Explain the characteristics of good service design. [BBA-IP: Dec. 2003]

Qs. 16 : Product innovation is a pre-requisite of market leadership. What are the important steps to be followed for new product design ?

Qs. 17 : Elaborate role & responsibilities of Production Manager.

Qs. 18 : Writes short notes :
(a) Types of Transformation...
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