Production and Operational Management

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Production Management Assignment
Bus 821

Question: What are the objectives of maintenance and inspection in production? B. Make a review on the maintenance strategies and techniques that are open to any production firm and select those that are implementable in Nigeria.

Okoh Eziafa Ifeanyi
MBA class Stream 1

What are the objectives of maintance and inspection in production? Here are the definitions of key terms that will be used in the course of answering this question. Production management or operations management is the planning, implementation, and control of industrial production processes to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Production can be seen as the processes and methods employed to transform tangible inputs (raw materials, semi finished goods, or subassemblies) and intangible inputs (ideas, information, knowledge) into goods or services. The production cycle requires that sales, financial, engineering, and planning departments exchange information such as sales forecasts, inventory levels, and budgets until detailed production orders are dispatched by a production-control division. From Maintenance is a planned preservation of plant and equipment that is designed to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned preservation activity. It could include painting, lubrication, cleaning, adjusting, and minor component replacement to extend the life of equipment and facilities. A bona fide preventive maintenance program should include: * Non-destructive testing

* Periodic inspection
* Preplanned maintenance activities
* Maintenance to correct deficiencies found through testing or inspections. Inspection on the other hand, is the verification of product quality to pre-identified quality specifications before, during or after the production process. Prior to the manufacturing process, raw materials can be inspected to identify if the materials meet specifications. During the manufacturing process, products are inspected at the factory to verify that quality requirements and specifications are being met. Inspections throughout the various stages of production can help both buyer and manufacturers monitor that quality requirements for the product are being met and support on-time delivery of quality products. It indicates an aspect of inspection in the work process. Inspection maybe in respect of product quality or quantity of products manufactures …Production and Operational Management, Simbo .A. Banjoko, 2009

Reasons for Preventive Maintenance
1. Increased Automation
2. Business loss due to production delays
3. Reduction of insurance inventories
4. Production of a higher quality product
5. Just-in-time manufacturing
6. Reduction in equipment redundancies
7. Cell dependencies
8. Minimize energy consumption
9. Need for a more organized, planned environment
10. Effective maintenance has a positive effect on the overall profitability of the organization. Improved maintenance helps to improve ROA by reducing the need for expensive capital upgrades to increase output.

Table 1- Effective maintenance Vs Non-effective Maintenance

The objectives of inspection include:
1. Strengthen and protect your brand image and reputation 2. Improve performance of suppliers and product quality to minimize product loss, rejects, charge backs and recalls 3. Drive continued improvement of quality systems and performance to benefit both the buyer and producer 4. Protect sales revenue by helping to prevent late shipments, poor quality, wasted materials or empty shelves 5. It can help better manage risk from product design to store shelf. 6. To ensure a system of regular availability and adequacy of labour, machines, and raw materials for production through the preparation of work and materials schedule thus allowing...

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