Product/Process Matrix

Topics: Petroleum, Manufacturing, Diesel fuel Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: November 10, 2011
Standardize commodities such as gasoline-motor oil
Other items as made to order: eyeglasses (custom made and cannot be made in advance) Process selection is based on variety and volume of demand. (Variety (y) vs volume (x)) chart Continuous process: very standardize product and large volumes of it (best manufacturing choice)It uses highly specialized equipment with very little flexibility and almost completely automated. Its production is continuous. This process is made to match outputs-outcomes with demand of product. Cost effectiveness (large capacity of operation). BP´s example. 1 barrel of oil contains 42 US gallons which is refined into 19.4 gasoline gallons, 9,7 gallons: heating oil and Diesel fuel, 4,3 gallons of jet fuel and other products. BPs:

Crude oil number of consumer products Assembly Line: Most consumer goods are massed produced (Honda) just a number of few different models (20000 thousand by month) Work flow and stations. Workers are trained in different tasks in order to avoid fatigue and low quality. Welding is performed through automation. There is some “flexibility” to offer different options in the model has been produced. In repetitive processing, variety is created by combining individual models. Each line produces ONLY one type of product. Civic and only civic not Accura. In Honda plant, employees have been trained in the next season model while they are working in the actual model. Ind Engineers studies the ways to redesign the assembly line in order to produce the produce the different models that Honda creates. Honda example Batch-processing: Caterpillar. The workers come to the machine rather than machine coming to them. Job shop Process: AED Vision.

Equipment must be flexible enough and highly skilled workers. PRODUCT PROCESS MATRIX:

Illustrates the general rules of manufacturing or pdn processes. Finding and using the proper process is necessary to maintain low cost and...
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