Product Planning and Mangement

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Project Plans
BUS 611 Project Planning and Management
July 19, 2010
“A team is a group of people working together for a common goal. Teams should not be confused with groups. A team shares responsibility, authority, and resources to achieve their collective mission” (Barkley, p.144). Project planning in teams is an integral constituent of team dynamics. When a team has already been formed it is time for it to start working on a project in order to reach the goals of the team or company in a whole. It is necessary to keep in mind two peculiarities about team projects. The first peculiarity is that all projects no matter what their goals are need to be carefully planned and structured before the implementation. The second peculiarity is that the given projects will be performed not by an individual but a group of individuals, which may result in a certain conflict of interests or other problems, which may be encountered while working with a group of people. Rosenwinkel Article

The article written by Rosenwinkel discusses the purpose of a project plan and reasons that a project plan may not be necessary. According to Stevenson “project management differs from management of more traditional activities mainly because of its limited time framework and the unique set of activities involved, which gives rise to a host of unique problems” (p.776). Rosenwinkel states “not all projects require a project plan, for some projects it could be a waste of time” (Rosenwinkel, p. 2). The article further discusses that a manager with a dominant personality make consider project planning a waste of time. This type of management style has not been very effective because often times the project plan is misjudged by the dominant manager. Personal Project

The project that I was a project manager on was the development of a childcare center. In order for the childcare facility to be built this project required a...
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