Product Mix

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What Is a Product Mix?
Product mix, also known as product assortment, refers to the total number of product lines that a company offers to its customers. For example, a small company may sell multiple lines of products. Sometimes, these product lines are fairly similar, such as dish washing liquid and bar soap, which are used for cleaning and use similar technologies. Other times, the product lines are vastly different, such as diapers and razors. The four dimensions to a company's product mix include width, length, depth and consistency. The Service Quality Dimensions

Every company owner wants to get loyal customers which add to repeating purchases and of cause increasing their maximum revenue. But to get there they need to know about the 5 Service Quality Dimensions. Many actually think that service is just a little part of the marketing mix, but it is actually a very important part of both the 4 and 7 P's Each of the 5 Service Quality Dimensions makes an extra addition to the level and quality of service which the company offers their customers. It also makes the service far more unique and satisfying. Dimension 1 - tangibles;

The tangible Service Quality Dimension refers to the appearance of the physical surroundings and facilities, equipment, personnel and the way of communication. In other words, the tangible dimension is about creating first hand impressions. A company should want all their customers to get a unique positive and never forgetting first hand impression, this would make them more likely to return in the future. Dimension 2 - reliability;

The reliability Service Quality Dimension refers to how the company are performing and completing their promised service, quality and accuracy within the given set requirements between the company and the customer. Reliability is just as important as a goof first hand impression, because every customer want to know if their supplier is reliable and fulfill the set requirements with satisfaction. Dimension 3 - responsiveness;

The responsiveness Service Quality Dimension refers to the willingness of the company to help its customers in providing them with a good, quality and fast service. This is also a very important dimension, because every customer feels more valued if they get the best possible quality in the service. Dimension 4 - assurance;

The assurance Service Quality Dimension refers to the company's employees. Are the employees skilled workers which are able to gain the trust and confidence of the customers? If the customers are not comfortable with the employees, there are a rather large chance that the customers will not return to do further business with the company. Dimension 5 - empathy;

The empathy Service Quality Dimension refers to how the company cares and gives individualized attention to their customers, to make the customers feeling extra valued and special. The fifth dimension are actually combining the second, third and fourth dimension to a higher level, even though the really cannot be compared as individuals. If the customers feel they get individualized and quality attention there is a very big chance that they will return to the company and do business there again.

(1) Providing services as promised.
(2) Dependability in handling customers’ service performed. (3) Performing the services right the first time.
(4) Providing services at the promised time.
(5) Maintaining error-free records.

(1) Keeping customers informed about when services will be performed. Service quality dimensions
Gi-Du Kang and Jeffrey James
Managing Service Quality
Volume 14 · Number 4 · 2004 · 266–277
(2) Prompt service to customers.
(3) Willing to help customers.
(4) Readiness to respond to customers’ requests.

(1) Employees who instill confidence in customers.
(2) Making customers feel safe in their transaction.
(3) Employees who are consistently courteous.
(4) Knowledgeable employee to...
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