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MM4772 Product Management
Individual Assignment
Name: CHENG Chia Yi
Student ID: 12129503D
Lecture: Friday (Lec001)
Tutorial: Wed 13:30-14:30 (Tut001)Phone no: 59849966
25850854889500Brand new product
New direct flight from Taiwan to Hong Kong provided by Tigerair Taiwan with low fare. (two way) Brief background introduction
Tigerair Taiwan, the first budget airline which is a joint ventured by China Airlines and Singaporean low cost carrier Tigerair. The new company has recently started its operation of flight from Taiwan to Singapore since 26 Sep 2014. Target market

-2508251079500Low-income or middle-class customers who are highly possible to consume budget airline service. People who travel a lot between Hong Kong and Taiwan. (e.g. student, businessmen) Age from 15 to 60, customers who do not need extra assistant or service during the flight. Category attractiveness analysis

Aggregate market factors
Category sizeattractiveness
According to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau website, inbound visitors arrive in Taiwan has the increasing amount of 8,016,280 in total and outbound travelers has reached to a new peak of 11,052,908 people last year. Due to the geography features, mostly all of the visitors are arrival by plane. Besides, statistics also show that the total amount of Taiwanese visit in Hong Kong is 190,162 from Aug 2013 to Aug 2014. It shown that airline businesses share a large category and market in Taiwan, including the flight between Taiwan and Hong Kong. Market growthattractiveness

The marketing of traveling and tourism is growing in Taiwan. According to the statistics information from tourism bureau, the tourist amount has grown 115% for the last five years. In particularly, inbound visitors from Hong Kong have grown from 491,437 in 2007 to 1,183,341 in 2013. Taiwanese tends to travel to Hong Kong a lot due to the position advantage (one hour flight only) and shopping mall attractiveness etc. Recent news...
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