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1. Please identify 2 cases of "Innovative Brand Building" at the ground level. (Below The Line marketing activities)
Below The Line marketing is unconventional in nature, done at micro level and forms part of non-media communication. Measures include direct mailing, distribution of flyers, brochures, usage of sponsorships, public relations, tele-marketing and point of sale.

Over the last two-three years the brands that have extensively relied and succeeded on BTL Marketing according to us are:
a. Oreo Biscuits (Cadbury India – A subsidiary of Kraft Foods) b. Club Mahindra (Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.)

Cadbury India - The famous cookie relayed the three simple steps that all of us know which is “Twist. Lick. Dunk.” Cadbury India launched Oreo-Time initiative, as a part of which a fully branded 'Oreo togetherness' Bus, that travelled across nine cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mysore. Bringing the Oreo-Time movement to life were the special activities planned in and around the bus. Parents were encouraged to take the Oreo Pledge, which stands for a promise to spend more time with the children. Making the zone even more fun for families were various interactive activities based on Oreo’s much-loved ritual of 'Twist-Lick and Dunk'. The Oreo-Time initiative is a follow up on a research conducted by the brand in association with Nielsen that maps `Indian families’ views on the evolving parent-child relationship in the dynamic Indian society today. The survey highlighted how parents today are craving more time away from their hectic work schedules so that they can spend those extra hours with their children. Cadbury India also conducted promotional activities in shopping malls where in the children were invited to twist, lick and dunk the biscuit along with milk provided free to all visitors. The activation also had appropriate magic and entertainment shows, prizes and giveaways along with incentives to ensure repeat purchases with reductions on bulk purchases. The event raised awareness and resulted in higher offtake of the Oreo brand across malls. The display area in supermarkets were branded/decorated in Oreo colours. It encourages to further savour its taste and at the same time promote parent and child bonding. Now, Oreo has a browser game in their official website and Facebook page.

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. (MHRIL), a part of the Mahindra Group, was founded in 1996 to provide holidays on a timeshare basis. MHRIL includes the brands Club Mahindra Holidays, Club Mahindra Travel, Club Mahindra Fundays, Mahindra Homestays and Zest. Club Mahindra started with a single resort in Munnar in 2007. Presently, the company has over 43 resorts in India and abroad. In 2013, it was reported that the company is working towards acquiring and building additional resorts all over the world. Club Mahindra is also a Resorts Condominium International (RCI) affiliate. As of 2013, thirteen of the Club Mahindra resorts were bestowed with the RCI "Gold Crown" rating.

Club Mahindra Holidays in its attempts to reach their target group of middle class families did their activities in petrol pumps, shopping malls and supermarkets like Big Bazaar, Reliance stores. The promoters at these places collected contact information of the people and distributed flyers that had pictures of Club Mahindra properties in nearby places. The contact information collected was then used as a database for tele-marketing the facilities of their properties, promotional offers and their membership details. This was a highly successful campaign as they could reach to the masses and also convince people to join

the club and thereby spending on availing their facilities at their properties.

2. How is...
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