product launch

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Executive Summary
Product Launch
We intend to do many different things to launch our product in June 2012. The first method we will enable is advertising. We intend to create advertisements for social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These advertisements will promote our product and direct the consumers to our website. We also are going to create a commercial that promotes our cases and superior protection. This advertisement will be approximately thirty seconds long and will also advertise where consumers can get our product. The other method we intend to use to launch our product is in-store demonstrations. We will choose multiple weekends and send employees out to stores where our product is sold (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Best Buy, etc.) and have customers test our product. This will entail throwing the phone against a wall (to display the superior protection for their phone) and dunking it in a bucket of water (to display the cases waterproofness). These demonstrations will hopefully convince the consumers to purchase the case. As an added incentive to purchase the case that weekend, any consumer who buys the case the same weekend that he or she did the demonstration will receive 15% off of their case purchase. Financials

In order to forecast our revenue for the first few years of operation, we compared what our competitors’ yearly revenues were. Otterbox had a 2007 revenue of $5.1 million and a 2010 revenue of $168.9 million, with a three year growth rate of 3179%. Otterbox is a well-established company and we understand that it could take many years to achieve comparable revenues. We then examined’s yearly revenues. In 2006, Skinit had revenue of $5.8 million and had yearly revenues of $25.9 million in 2009. Skinit had a three year growth of 344%. For year one, we forecasted a revenue of $801,589. This revenue is low largely due to the fact that we are just starting out and are relatively unknown. For the next four...
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