Product Development

Topics: Boot, Drag queen, Kinky boots Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: November 19, 2011
When Charlie Price’s father died, Charlie had no idea that he would have to completely revamp the family business in order to keep the family shoe factory running, nor did he realize the problems that would arise out of his change from men’s shoes to heels for drag queens. Charlie had to employ fundamental marketing techniques in order to make the 180-degree transformation of his company and to make his gamble profitable. Kinky Boots did not take on the typical way for the a new product to reach market, but nonetheless Kinky Boots took on a more realistic and organic way of a product becoming more than idea.

The company, luckily, had many strengths to begin with laid a good foundation for what would become the Kinky Boots factory. Most importantly, there were skilled and dedicated workers that were not willing to have the factory closed. By having highly trained employees, there was the capability for Kinky Boots to develop. Having loyal employees greatly helped the cause, but also this was a hindrance because they were so used to a certain way of the company being run, that the introduction of the risqué idea of the drag queen boot was not the easiest idea to pass over. In small business, there is always the difficulty of trying to separate personal opinions and feelings. However, having the chops to take the risk in this relatively unexplored specialized market gave the company the opportunity to make a huge profit in an untapped market. There was also the other side of the coin that their unusual battle would not materialize any real revenue because by conventional standards, the idea bordered on bizarre. Also, not every shoe store would carry Kinky Boots, so finding distributers may have also posed a problem, when they were developing the boots. The obscurity of the product added something regardless if you are a buyer or not, the shock value gave and continues to give Kinky Boots a certain appeal that turns into word of mouth, meaning promotion. This...
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