Product Design Example (Intro.)

Topics: Mouse, Universal Serial Bus, Logitech Pages: 5 (1376 words) Published: December 16, 2010
Description of Product Design

Product description

Multi Touch keypad and Mouse (hereinafter, MTPM) is a newly designed gadget. This is characterized by tightly combining several functions of a traditional mouse, keypad, and numeric pad. The new gadget communicates with a desktop or notebook through the wireless USB connection, providing enhanced ease of use and convenience. For instance, the combination of the keyboard and numeric pad allows users to entry number without moving to the main keyboard on a computer.

The gadget provides more of an industry standard people have used in. Since both two finger and three finger functionalities are supported in a device, users can choose a convenient operation in each situation. They are also allowed to operate same functions with a touch pad, such as tapping, magnifying, rotating, zooming in/out, and scrolling. And with the three finger functions they can move between windows, page up or down, and open My Computer.


A mouse is a durable consumer’s good used frequently every day. So a simple functionality is emphasized for the daily use. The mouse is not a high-integrated device such as a computer or chip, but customers selection for the mouse quite vary in technology development and interface types: mechanical mouse, optical mouse, RS-232C, PS/2 Port, and USB Interface.

The mouse is not a seasonal product, but it can be affected by a trend. These days, customers are getting desire a human sensory mouse in terms of appearances and sense of use. In particular, the gamers have created their own unique markets by requiring faster and more convenient mice ergonomically. In summary, customer selection for a mouse differs in many situations: purpose, purchasing power, personality, technical knowledge, and habit.

Some trends in the market are considered. The mouse has faced serious competition from touch and sensor technologies. Many laptop users are relying on the touchpad integrated into the device. The sale of desktop PCs has also declined, and these are usually operated with a mouse. And the sales volume of the wireless mice has been increasing every year. In the sense, MTPM are expected to make a dent in the pad-oriented wireless mouse market.

MTPM enters a niche market with the strengths of functionalities such as ease of use and convenience. The delight of customers in human sense will be a market driver. Customers tend to evaluate sensory and learning matches in the middle of purchasing. MTPM concentrates on the next values to get a high rating in the market:

1. Ease of learning and use intuitively
2. Wireless User interface for mobility
3. Designed Ergonomically.

For market targets, Innovator and Early Adopter are main segments for MTPM. Innovators are often the initial group to use a new product and provide early acceptance into the market place. Also, Early Adopters do not hesitate to bring real money to the table when they appreciate the value of electronic products. MTPM is a new launching product and is highly innovated product in a design and technology. MTPM will concentrate on it marketing and the related production in the specific segments, by providing a competitive price.


The company will become the worldwide leader in computer mice with high quality and an ergonomically designed gadget.

MTPM sets its mission on how to innovate and craft a mouse in light of a human experience. Providing users with better experiences, such as more comfortable, more fun, more convenient, and more delightful, is the primary concern of company insights of the product. We believe better convenience and ease of use will help users to raise efficiencies in their job.

Operations Strategy

1. Product Demand
According to Logitech’s sale report in 2010, the company recorded the cumulative sales in units at 100 million in terms of the wireless mice. Considering the facts that history of the wireless mice is ten...
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