Procurement Management System

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Procurement Management System

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Ishita Anand
Rashima Sharma
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Prinsu Panda
Abhishek Shah
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We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Venkateswara Rao for introducing us to a novel concept as well as giving us the much awaited opportunity to make this project. It was an interesting project, and also enabled us to appreciate the various theoretical concepts of DBMS. We thank him for his constant guidance and active support throughout the preparation of the project.

Table of Contents
Scope of the Project4
Organization and Its Working4
The existing system of functioning4
The Processes Followed in the Company5
Drawbacks of the Existing System6
Entity Relationship Diagram7
Entities in the MIS:8
Analysis of Entity Relationship Diagram16
The various associations with cardinalities are as follows17 E-R Diagram of the Procurement Management System through MS-Access20 E-R Diagram of the Procurement System through MS-Visio21
3.Inventory Info Form: This form allows for easy access to store inventory information for each product and their respective valuation.24 4.Purchase Order Info Form: This provides the complete information regarding the products that have been purchased, which site has purchased, the supplier, quantity, unit costs, transaction ids etc.25 5.Site/Supplier Form: This form provides the info regarding how many suppliers have been supplying to a particular site and their respective ids and names.26 6.Supplier Info Form: This form shows with which suppliers the company is currently dealing with. The suppliers can be added and edited or deleted also.27 Queries27

Anticipated Benefits of the New System34

Scope of the Project
The Project intends to propose an MIS for an engineering company manufacturing cranes. The company handles multiple projects at various geographical locations. The project site or the factory is usually far from the head office so the day to day requisites and working need to be identified and a suitable IS proposal is made to aid the process. Organization and Its Working

Various processes and exchange of information is involved in the day to day functioning of departments at the head office of the company with its various constructions sites at far off places. Few of these may be listed below. •Production Planning.

Purchase of raw materials and consumables.
Site Construction activities.
The existing system of functioning
When a project is received from the head office, the planning department does all the estimation of the raw materials which will be required to build a Crane. Once this has been done then it checks with the stores for the availability of materials. If the materials are available then it directly offloads the job to the manufacturing department for production. If the raw materials are not available or few are available and there is a shortage then the planning department issues an inter-office memo to the purchase department to raise a purchase requisition. This is usually done by raising RFQs and then selecting the appropriate supplier from these quotations. The order is then passed on, and the supplier then delivers the materials directly to the work site. The delivery is done along with an invoice copy and a challan. The site in charge checks the quantity and quality of the material and receives the delivery by signing the challan. One copy of the challan is kept for future reference. The supplier once receives the invoice copy along with the challan; he then produces the bill to the purchase department. The purchase department then forwards the bill to the planning for clearance. Planning in turn passes on the copy to the site in charge for verification and authorization. The site in...
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