Procter and Gamble.

Topics: Shift work, Leadership, Employment Pages: 7 (2386 words) Published: August 2, 2010
The Goodman Company is the manufacturer of small rubber automotive parts. Robert Goodman plans to expand his business to enhance the company productivity. However, he can’t afford to purchase new equipments. Therefore, the company had hired Ann Bennet, a production analyst to improve the efficiency of current equipments. After the implementation of the new manufacturing process, Mr. Goodman starts to question his decision of hiring Ann Bennet. The below will be discussing the overall problems which lead to the failure of Ann Bennet’s proposal.

1. What changes took place at Goodman, and what contributed to the difficulty in implementing them?

Before Ann Bennet’s proposal was implemented, the entire production process is operated by a single worker. The employees are paid according to hourly rate. Ms. Bennet suggested a mass-production format whereby each worker will be assigned to one job only. After the plan implementation, the wages is paid under a piecework system. Ms Bennet believes that by using piecework system as a motivator, the production of the equipments will increase.

In the first shift, the quality and production dropped after the changes. Previously, they produced top-rated quality products among the 3 shifts. Cleverson Anthony is the supervisor of the first shift. He is respected by most of the worker after working for so many years in Goodman Company. Before the plan implementation, he had been planning for retirement. However, he had asked for earlier retirement after working under Ms Bennet’s plan for only two weeks. When the leader cannot adapt to the changes, workers will feel demotivated. Nobody in the first shift likes the changes. Workers complained that products are not being readied properly for another process. They tried to organize a union because they felt that the company looked down at their abilities when their job is simplified. This leads to the proposal failure.

Overall, second shift seem to be a productive group. Norm Leonard, the supervisor had worked for the company for just three years. When his workers encountered with problems, they will not seek for his help. However, they will find Jim Fask, who is a senior man on the shift. Jim knows how exactly every machine works and how the shift should run it. Problem arises when Ms. Bennet assigned Jim as the shift set-up man and mechanic. All the workers have no choice but to seek for Norm’s help when facing with difficulties. However, the only one who knows how the operation works is Jim. This leads to lower productivity as the one who knows exactly everything well does not have the authority to control and direct the workers. Norm feels that he had tried his best to follow Ms Bennet’s plan and he sees no problem in Ms Bennet’s plan. However, the production still dropped dramatically in this shift due to the above mentioned problem.

The main objective of hiring Ann Bennet is to increase the production without acquisition of new equipments. Since the first and second shifts are unable to meet the production after the plan took place, most people assumed that the third shift had done the best. However, their assumption brings them disappointment as the production of third shift still remains the same as before after the changes took place. Actually, they can do better and produce more than the normal production volume. However, due to the leadership of Bob Jackson, the supervisor, the workers are satisfied with what the production requires them to do. They are not motivated by the changes. In addition, the supervisor and the workers of third shift did not fully follow Ms Bennet’s plan. In fact, they make their own changes and did not inform to the company about it.

2. What problems in communication, motivation and leadership can you identify?

Before Ann Bennet’s plan was implemented, the first and second shifts are having poor leadership problems. The first shift leader, Cleverson Anthony is lack off...
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