Procrastination a Common Problem and a Focus on Recovery

Topics: Procrastination, Anxiety, Perfectionism Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: September 1, 2013
A Common Problem and a Focus on Recovery

Alejandro Meza

EN3220T Written Analysis
Professor Brienzo

The problem of procrastination, more specifically chronic procrastination, is reaching epidemic proportions suffered by about 20% of Americans. It is estimated that 80%-95% of college students are procrastinators, while 75% will admit it. It happens for three major reasons: 1. Inability to make a decision or start a task.

2. Decisions are made for immediate rewards, as opposed to long term rewards. 3. The immediately rewarding choice leaves one unhappy, learning subconsciously that choosing is bad. Procrastination is commonly associated with perfectionism. The fear of failure is a common trait among chronic procrastinators. Perfectionists tend to negatively evaluate results and performance and suffer anxiety of being compared to their peers. Maladaptive perfectionists, ones whose perfectionism is in conflict with their ego or needs, tend to be procrastinators. This is due to an unrealistically negative future appraisal of the value of the necessary task. Procrastinators repress the will to tend to their responsibilities. This gives us the opportunity to focus time on more pleasurable or leisure tasks. At the same time, having feelings of guilt and inadequacy from self-conflict from not achieving our goals and standards. The characteristics of a procrastinator, or chronic procrastinator have disruptive effects on a variety of aspects. Not only can it lead to mental health conditions such as anxiety, low self-esteem, learned-helplessness and impulsiveness, but it also costs individuals and organizations billions of dollars a year. One example describes how taxpayers who waited until the last minute to file their taxes cost them $400 on average. Another example indicates that unnecessary interruptions to productivity and innovation cost the US economy $650 billion. Procrastination can also threaten careers and...

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