Procrastination Essay

Topics: Procrastination, Motivation, Time management Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: April 28, 2013
We have all had that feeling of panic it is due tomorrow and we haven’t even started yet. Last night it was my turn to have that feeling of panic. There I was thinking of a topic for my speech and I could not help but notice if I had started earlier I would not only have a topic but would not have to deal with that feeling of panic a feeling I know everyone in this room has experienced. These I realized are the consequences of procrastinating and so I decided that the best topic for my speech would be none other than procrastination. Procrastination is the act of replacing high priority tasks with actions of lower priority which are easier and provide enjoyment in my case it was playing fifa on play station rather than try and write off my speech or even think of topic. You may think procrastination is a problem that only some people have but you are wrong studies suggest (and these people did not procrastinate their research) that 80-95% of college students engage in procrastination 75% considering themselves regular procrastinators, that is frankly a lot of people doing their work on the last night, there are many reasons for academic procrastination but one of the major reasons is “student syndrome” which is when a student only motivates him/herself to a task immediately before a deadline, sound familiar guys… it sure does to me. So why do people procrastinate well it is simple in most cases given the option to play games or to surf the internet rather than write a speech or finish of a chore most people would choose to not do the latter, replacing a high priority task with one that provides enjoyment. They might think oh there is not enough time to get started “I’ll just do something else”, or man this assignment is unfair I’m not bothering myself and doing it. For me one method is – ‘ok today I will start writing at 6 so I can play games till then, at 6.05 I realize I am still playing games so instead of starting to write I delay the deadline again failing...
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