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In Do it now! Break the procrastination habit, by William Knaus, there are causes and cures for chronic procrastination. Procrastination has had negative effects on my life; this book helped me change that, by helping me understand why I procrastinate. By taking the time to understand the reasons for procrastination, and giving effort towards reversing the habit, will help anyone beat it. There are gainful techniques on ending procrastination for good; anyone who devotes themselves to ending procrastination can do it. Procrastination is the act of putting things off, being aware of this habit will help overcome it.

The causes of procrastination vary from person to person, but, there are main causes to procrastination. First, fear of failure is a common cause of procrastination. People tend to delay on tasks that they feel they will fail; it may be due to a previous bad experience. Second, battened avoidance is a foundation for procrastination. People that avoid doing things usually do not enjoy the task they have to do. Third, a lack of focus can cause someone to procrastinate. Having many distractions, during an important task, can be a hindrance. Knowing and understanding causes of procrastination, are only useful if applied to everyday life.

There are some helpful techniques for getting rid of chronic procrastination. First, awareness of the habit is vital; it is difficult to change something that someone doesn’t know of.
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Furthermore, knowledge and understanding the habit guide people on the path to recovery from it. Second, knowing how to get organized can free the mind of any anxiety certain tasks may bring. Third, having the expectation to succeed and increasing the value of a task can be very a very helpful approach in tackling unpleasant tasks.

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