Proclamation Act of 1763

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Proclamation Act of 1763

The Proclamation Act of 1763 was a major change for both the English and the French. For the English, they wanted to assimilate the French. This was necessary for two reasons.
One, the British had, after all, conquered them, and wished to create a full British Empire. They thought that the only way to do this was to assimilate all other cultures (except the Natives) into their culture. Two, the French were still a threat, and Quebec was the foothold in the New World for France. The mother country, France, could send armies to New France and attack the British.

The main purpose of the Proclamation Act was simple, assimilate the French.
The British needed to ensure that their culture was enforced in Quebec, The Act also tried to encourage British settlers to come to New France, but, unfortunately, the settlers did not want to come. This was because the settlers would rather move to a mostly British society, instead of a mostly French. Some other aims of this Act were: Limit the size of Quebec, cutting Montreal from the Fur Trade, and also to reassure the Natives that their hunting grounds, and fur trade would be protected and remain intact. Some of the terms of the Proclamation Act were as follows: settlement in the Ohio and Mississippi was forbidden, and trappers, traders and settlers were allowed in only with a license given from the crown, stating there reasons for being in those two areas. The French language was also allowed to continue. This may seem very strange, but I will explain it in a minute. Also the French religion (Roman Catholicism) was allowed to continue. Britain also made it very discouraging to have this culture, disallowing anyone who had anything to do with these political and official status. The Protestant religion was also promoted.

The main reason that the Quebec act was created was because the Proclamation Act was not working....
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