Processing Essay: How to Cool Spring Roll

Topics: Spring roll, Vietnamese cuisine, Cooking Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Processing essay: How to cook spring roll

If you ask the foreign who has visited Vietnam what their favourite food is you will probably hear the word: “spring rolls”. Spring roll is one of the most delicious traditional foods in Vietnam. Normally, Spring roll was made in different ways based on the creativity of each cooker. Basically, it is believed that there are 3 steps to make Vietnamese fried spring rolls.

Making Vietnamese fried spring rolls begins with the preparation. In the first step, we have to gather enough ingredients for this dish. In Vietnam, there are a lot of method to make fried spring roll, so that, we can use may others ingredients. However, we have some essential ingredients must have: pork shoulder, laid eggs, rice paper sheet, dried black mushroom, noodle, carrot, shrimp and other spices . Besides, you can add more kinds of vegetables base on your favourite taste such as: lettuce, kohlrabi… All those items will be found easily in any market, super market or oriental store. Moreover, to serve the best fried spring rolls, we have to sure that all the ingredients fresh and were chosen carefully.

The second step to make fried spring roll is mixing and rolling. After having enough essential items, we have to make all of them ready to rolling. First we have to grind the pork meat, chop the sweet turnips, water noodle, onions and dried black mushroom, shrimp, carrot and vegetable. Then gathering all of them into a big mixing-bowl and put beaten egg before stirring in sugar, pepper, and salt. Now, we have to prepare the rice paper sheet ready to roll. Normally, we can place 1-2 tablespoons from the mixing-bowl on each won ton wrapper. Then we start rolling it up and fold both side corners, sealing with water.

The last step to complete the fried spring roll is frying and serving. After rolling it, we should prepare a heat oil pan for deep frying. Then we start frying the fried spring roll. The tip for this step...
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