Process Writing Packing for a Trip

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11 February 2011
Pack Your Bags!
Everyone dreads the whole packing process for a trip or a long vacation. Getting everything in order can be a major drag. People do not realize it, but there are certain processes to follow that can make this whole cycle a lot easier. “What to pack?” “Where to put it?” “Do we have room?” This can be a major headache unless you follow the correct procedures of packing for a trip. Therefore, it is necessary to give oneself sufficient time, at least a week, for the entire packing process.

For most people, packing can begin with just throwing everything together at the last minute. Giving themselves time, and properly making a list of everything needed, can make this process come together smoothly. It is not hard to forget things or misplace things, so making labels and remembering where everything is at is important. As a result, this can make planning for a vacation more organized.

Making a checklist of all the necessary items is a great place to start. Vacationers should round up the family and discuss this together. Start with the most important things such as the appropriate clothing, hygiene supplies, shoes, toiletries, etc. Sufficient luggage will do wonders for packing everything neat and tidy. Depending on where the vacation spot is, proper clothing and shoes are mandatory. Mark all of these things off the checklist.

With nice spacious luggage, packing for a vacation should be a breeze. Over-packing and hauling around luggage that is too heavy is dreadful. Are twenty extra shirts or two extra pairs of shoes that will not be worn really needed? With the correct planning and proper luggage, the packing can begin.

Travel size containers are a necessity to begin packing. Pack all the toiletries such as soap, hair care, toothpaste and brushes, hair supplies, make-up, blow dryers, and curling irons. Also, travel size toiletries will come in handy as the trip is only a week long. These fit inside the travel containers...
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