Process Selection and Design

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Whether it is the manufacture of a good or the provision of a service, every company must make choices about how best to combine inputs – resources such as land, labour, capital, and convert them into outputs, all the way through a sequence of processes (Thompson & Machin, 2003). This procedure is formally known as a process.

[Figure 1]
In order to get a competitive boundary in the outputs produced, it is crucial for organizations to be familiarized with the methodology of the process; i.e. how it works.
In the case of Elephant House, the process ensures that soft drinks are manufactured, bottled and packaged according to the desired requirements, and that quality remains a key factor throughout the entire production process.

The processes carried out at Elephant House are both manual and automated, and are mainly involved for testing liquids, making the soft drinks, and bottling and packaging the soft drinks. The testing of liquids is carried out manually, while the rest of the operations are automated.

The step-by-step process for producing bottled soft drinks include, clarifying the water, filtering, sterilizing and dechlorinating the water, mixing the ingredients, carbonating the beverage, testing the liquid, filling and packaging the product, and checking the quality.

In operational terms, Elephant House engages in single-stage types of processes, as activities within the processes are analyzed together.

Process Selection

Process selection is the strategic decision of selecting which kind of production processes to have in the production plant (Chase, et al., 2007). The basis of process selection depends on the characteristics of the product, volume of production, availability of resources, etc. Elephant House ensures that their processes are of the best standards available, and that the processes have the ability to meet the necessary requirements, at the required time. When selecting a...
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