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Process Recording II

Describe the experience-
A) The communication patterns observed in our last group interaction on Wednesday March sixth, during International Women's week was a free floating pattern that involved most of the group's members. Given that our instructor was the "facilitator" of the group, the role of the leader was assumed with that role as well. The topic for discussion was, "Who is the most inspirational woman that has affected or impacted your life?". The question was asked and the first person to respond, stating that her inspirational woman would be a super hero, starting off the topic, unsure of what other relevant inspirations would come forward. The pass went to the next person, whom chose Princess Dianna, who is a well respected, caring, loving woman that during her time as Princess left a powerful impact on the life's of many women. Once the first two students spoke, the pass went with ease, with only two people passing on the whole group communication. The group members had inspirational women to speak of, the women that were fighters and survivors were talked about a little longer, with more questions being asked about their experience.

B) The group consists of a few sub groups, a dyad and a triad. In the dyad group the two passed on answering the question, this could have been for many reasons. The first may have been that they do not have a female role model in their life, since from other communications observed they both have abandonment issues with their mother's. The abandonment may have lead them to have a bias opinion on inspirational women and active listening may have been the only option for the dyad at this time being such a sensitive topic for therm. The triad of the group always speak when each other are speaking, responding with feedback as soon as one member of the triad stops talking and vise versa. The two sub groups impact the group as a whole since there is no involvement by the dyad and sometimes too much involvement from the triad. A balance of communication between these two sub-groups would give our group the balance it needs.

C) The composition of the group does not affect the communication pattern of the group, being that our group consists mainly of woman who do not come from many diverse backgrounds and everyone can accept each other and their behaviour, get along with other's despite their personal views. This leaving the communication and culture understandable for each member of the group. Having one male in the group (two with facilitator/instructor), the male input is contributed since he holds a great level of maturity and knows how and when to input into the conversation. The communication pattern has progressed since the first group discussion as social skills for some are being developed.

D) Since the beginning of our group, we have not had norms set in place such as a new rule for the week, however confidentiality was the first norm required for our group. We have had only topics picked for our communication and we were aware of what time we would start and finish and that everyone was to participate in conversation and give feedback. Our group has the had the basic norms such as attending to others, expressing self, responding to others, focusing group communication and identifying and describing thoughts set into place roughly around the third group meeting. These norms fell into place naturally, which is nice to have from each member to make the group a safe place. Having a natural process describing thoughts and feelings is becoming easier for most individuals. When the group is being controlled, input from some diminishes as they feel put on the spot and panic and avoid all communication. Reflection-

A) Through my group experience I was trying to achieve personal...
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