Process Re-Engineering for Food Court - Vit University Vellore

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Introduction to Darling Residency, Vellore:

Darling Residency, Vellore has been in the hospitality industry for quite some time now and continues to serve its client with hospitality and cordial reception. Located at a strategic point in Vellore, this hotel is preferred both by business traveler and leisure tourist alike. The hotel reflects Indian Tradition and heritage at its best. The hotel is a good option if a person wants maximum comfort at reasonable rate. It is one of the most sought after Hotels in Vellore.

Food Court in VIT

It was started in year 2004, by the Darling residency, Vellore. It also functions in the Canteen which is located inside the campus. There are around 15000 students are studying in VIT and also it has 5000 teaching and non-teaching staffs. For this huge population, these are the two which provide food for all.

The major substitute to Food Court is DVP Bakery and other small coffee shops within the campus and the small restaurants just outside the VIT campus.

The Food Court’s operational time is from 8am to 9pm. Food Court has both a self service area and a table service area, where the price difference is Re.1 per item. It is located next to the Technology Tower, with an area of 600 square meters and serves delicious non-vegetarian and vegetarian food at reasonable prices.

Food Court provides all type of food including some South Indian, North Indian, tandoori, Chinese, snacks, Fresh juice & cool drinks, ice creams, chats and tea & coffee.

Food Court Table Service Area

In the Table Service Area, the capacity is 48seats. It is managed by 2 captains, 2 service staff and 1assistance staff.

Peak hours
Morning9:00am – 10:00am
Afternoon12:00pm – 2:00pm
Evening6:30pm – 8:30 pm

**The average time taken to serve a meal during peak hours is ~ 20minutes.

Food Court Self Service Area

In the Self Service Area the system is different. The timings for peak hours is same as in a/c. Process of serving will be discussed in service mapping.

Almost everything we do in life involves a process. Whether you're making cookies, installing a home satellite dish or paying an invoice, a process is involved. A process can be defined as a series of value-added tasks that are linked together to turn inputs into a product or service output. It must have two or more activities that serves a purpose for an organization. They can be defined at many different levels and with various boundaries. Furthermore: * Processes must have a beginning and an end.

* Processes are coordinated activities that involve people, procedures, technology and infrastructure * Processes constitute a significant portion of organizational costs. * An organization is only as effective as its processes. * All work is part of a process that starts and ends with a customer.

An ideal process will comprise of three main attributes:
1.Making processes efficient means minimizing the resources used. 2.Making processes effective means producing the desired results. 3.Making processes adaptable means being able to adapt to changing customer and business needs.

1. Taking a Meal at Food Court - Self Service Area (TMFC-SSA): The current Process

On order to grasp an understanding of the process of eating at the food court, it was necessary to develop a detailed flowchart representing the process steps from the viewpoints of the consumer and the provider (food court contractors –Darling Residency). Through participation observation we were able to develop a firsthand understanding of the service process as it proceeds in its natural environment in real time. However, documentation of the process in the form of a flowchart diagram facilitated analysis and the identification of problem areas. Documenting the process aided our knowledge and...
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