Process Paper on Making Snowman

Topics: Snowman, Snow, Snowball Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Daniel Ricciardi

Man of Snow
Jim woke up after a large snowstorm last night that left ten inches of snow. His nephew Sean ran in to jim’s room and asks him to go outside. Sean said no one wanted to go and if they did it was to shovel. Of course Jim would rather play in snow then shovel so he gets outside before he gets assigned to work. He asked Sean what his favorite activity was in the snow. Sean said sledding but he was more interested in something else he hasn’t done before, making a snowman.

Jim couldn’t wait to show Sean how to build the perfect snowman so he begins right away. Now their snowman needs three main body parts his legs, chest, and head. To make each body part they mold a small ball of snow in their hands and place it on the ground. Then begin to roll the ball around allowing it to gather up snow gradually getting larger. Jim Made sure not to roll it in a straight line since it might end up with a soup can shape snowball. They made sure their first ball for the legs was as big as Sean. Now repeat the process of molding the ball and rolling it to create the three body parts with one large and the rest gradually getting smaller. Lifting the chest snowball onto the leg snowball was difficult considering the size of my snowballs but Jim managed. Now they have the legs, body, and head with a perfect size deduction going from legs to head. Sean was filled with so much excitement seeing this large snow creature in almost full form.

Sean could have been completely satisfied with the snowman he was so big he could climb it. Jim mentions to Sean that there not finished, the poor guy has no face. Sean was puzzled on how to draw a face onto our snowman. Jim told him we will not draw but all you need is a dozen or so quarter sized stones. Sean offered right away to look for them. While he did that Jim went inside to get a large orange carrot for the nose. Jim was lucky enough to find 2 large buttons for the eyes and a few smaller ones for a button...
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