Process of Planting, Growing, and Selling Marijuana

Topics: Medical cannabis, Cannabis, Tetrahydrocannabinol Pages: 3 (578 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Brian Holeman
ENG 100-110
October 14, 2012
Process Paragraph
The planting and growing of marijuana is one of the most important parts of the industry. First of all, most people purchase pre-rooted plants to save time in the growing process. They plant them in small rows in the soil, and then water them. For two weeks they will keep some lights on the plants for twelve hours a day to keep them flowering. It is also important to keep the plants in nitrogen-rich solution to help them stretch out. Next is the budding phase, which means they now keep the plants in darkness for twelve hours a day. They spray the plants for bugs, which will start showing up, and then watch as they begin flowering within a few days. For the next month and a half they keep a sharp eye on the plants, making sure to get rid of any rot or bugs. Lastly, they harvest the completed crop. They chop it down at the base and then hang it upside down to dry. Once it is dry, they cut it up and store it in bags for selling. The selling of the marijuana is an equally important part of the distribution for profit. The one rule most people follow is to sell it for $10 more than it cost them. Most people obtain a quarter-pound to start with, because customers are easy to come by. If they are buying their weed off someone else, they try to buy a whole lot at once and get a deal on it. Then they store the bulk of it in jars in the ground. This is to keep from getting busted with a large amount of illegal substance. Then they proceed to sell it bit by bit for $10 more than they got it till it is all gone. Then they start the cycle over again. Some states have legalized the selling of marijuana for medicinal purposes. To do this, one must obtain a license to sell legally. They also have to be a patient that has been recommended by a doctor to use it. It is required to have a license, go through corporation, pay taxes on the product, and have at least one security camera in the store. If they do all these...

Bibliography: entry:
“How To Start A Medical Marijuana Dispensary.” Web. 14 October 2012. This webpage talks about how to legally get into the wide-growing business of selling medical marijuana in a dispensary.
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