Process of Grief

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Grief is a process and can affect anyone.
Coping with the loss of a close family member can affect you in different ways, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Mental Grief
Mentally grief can affect people very differently, from tiredness, exhaustion, negative thoughts and feelings, grieving is very hard work. It seems overwhelming, like it will never leave you and little things can make you easily upset that wouldn’t ordinarily. Grief can consume your thoughts; affect your concentration and ability to function as quickly as you would normally do so. It can leave you feeling you out of control, angry and unstable, unable to make clear decisions. Negative thoughts can creep up leaving you depressed or anxious, it may affect your self-esteem and you may cope by working longer hours, seeking escape in alcohol, drugs, food or risk taking.

Physical Grief
Physical grief can feel like you have taken part in a marathon, even though you never started. Energy is a key sign as the exhaustion can be intense and seem to last for ever. It can be delayed and hit you like a tonne of bricks physically, with difficulty in sleeping and the ability to function normally. Often physical grief can cause loss of co-ordination where falls occur and health conditions appear. Research shows the connection between stress and grieving, and the appearance of diseases.

Social Grief
Relationships can be affected, friendships strained and time alone may become more important. Communication can be difficult and what is normally easy may be very hard at school environment. A piece of music, a holiday, anniversary date, a photo or another loss happens can trigger grief. Life continues on as normal for others, but it can feel like the world has stopped or time stands still. Support from others is important, and can help through the grief stages.

Spiritual Grief
Grief is something that we all experience...

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