Process Of Discovery Essay

Topics: White people, Race, Black people, Racism, African American, Discrimination / Pages: 3 (592 words) / Published: Nov 21st, 2016
The process of discovery is a rigid and gruelling journey which leads an individual or groups to formulate new perspectives about self and the world disclosing new truths. In the reality documentary series “Go back where you came from” Ivan O’Mahoney selects 6 individual mindsets with diverse values and beliefs regarding illegal immigration for his reverse joinery experiment. The composer utilises a myriad of film and narrative techniques to convey how the provocative and transformative power of emotional, cultural and physical discoveries experienced through the reverse journey. Triggering the individual and groups to show empathy and to reveal the complexity to Australian asylum seeker crisis.

Discoveries are far-reaching and can be challenged
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A turning point to discovery for the each of the persona was different in occurrence, method and perspective. Raye’s emotional journey was greatly focused on developing a humanising revelation allowing audiences to see the true circumstances and obstacles refugees undergo. Captured in the close-up video style confession Raye reveals “I do understand, where she is coming from” a teary response to Mrs Mausdi losing a child a common ground of despair. This discovery emotional and physical discovery increase the growth of internal empathy for Raye. On the other hand, Raquel experiences difficulty with her path of discovery her use of consistent negative connotations such as “no”, “ I can’t” and “I won’t" symbolises her extreme desire to not be on the journey or participate in the experience. However, discovery is forced upon her as an inevitable change. Finally making an impact when she physically goes to Africa and meeting the other half of the Mausdi family. Using the idiom “People shouldn’t judge and books by its cover” an ironic statement as through flashback she is seen expressing opposite. However and emotional and physical change nevertheless for Raquel proving that “everyone has a heart” and no matter what by experience empathy on a human to human level anyone’s perspectives can change allowing them to discover something

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