Process of Developing Consumer Based Brand Equity Aarong Bangladesh

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Brand Management
(MKT – 423)

Assignment On
Process of Developing Consumer Based Brand Equity
Aarong Bangladesh

1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 Origin of the Report

The report on “Consumer Decision Making Process of Aarong’s Customers” was prepared as assigned by the Course Instructor Mrs. Syeda Shaharbanu Shahbazi Ahmed in the course Brand Management (MKT 423) and submitted on 14th August 2007.

1.1.2 Objective

To prepare a written report after conducting a study of the brand equity of Aarong based on the Customer Based Brand Equity Model.

1.1.3 Scope

The report encompasses different aspects relating to the Customer Based Brand Equity of Aarong. The report is based on the Head Office of Aarong in Mohakhali and several branches in Dhaka city.

1.1.4 Methodology

The report is based on primary data by conducting personal interviews with the customers, management, employees of Aarong, and secondary data obtained from the website of Aarong and the internet.

1.1.5 Limitations

There were several limitations faced in the preparation of the report. Interviewee bias on the part of management and employees of Aarong was one of them. Another was the reluctance of customers to spend time in filling up the questionnaire. A further limitation was imprecision in interpreting obtained information due to inadequacy of technical expertise.

2.1 Organizational Background

Aarong is the handicraft-selling wing of the NGO BRAC. Established in 1978 the organization’s objective is to provide a source of income and outlet for the products manufactured by the poor, underprivileged artisans of rural Bangladesh. It helps the craftsmen regain pride in their skills, revive Bangladesh’s traditional arts and crafts, and in the process contribute greatly to poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor. The organization provides a source of income to more than 30,000 craftsmen of whom 85% are women.

Many independent cooperative groups and traditional family based artisans also market their crafts through Aarong. From 1987 Aarong is also engaged in promoting Bangladeshi crafts in foreign markets through its exports.

Aarong is not only a source of employment of rural craftsmen but also provides them with the following: • Training for development of skills
• Assistance in design and product development • Creation of awareness on strict quality control to increase producer awareness of the importance of quality • Providing advance against purchase orders

• Linking of producers with customers
• Market information for artisans
• Prompt payment on delivery of products
Aarong has set up job creation projects for women in Manikgonj, Jamalpur, Sherpur, Jessore and Kushtia. The Jamalpur and Jessore projects concentrate on the Nakshi Kantha (traditional quilted embroidery) revived by BRAC. In Manikgonj, the women are trained in the craft of block printing, hand embroidery, and screen printing, weaving, and dyeing. Project activities in these areas also include silk production, processing, reeling and weaving. Handloom weavers, potters brass workers, jute workers, basket weavers, leather

workers, jewellers, and various artisans from all over the country come to Aarong for marketing and support services.

The products of Aarong can be broadly categorized into two: Textile and Non Textile products. The former includes silk and cotton textiles, Nakshi Kantha etc. The latter includes hand crafted leather items, clay and brass products. It also markets straw, jute, cane, bamboo, leaf and wooden items: jewellery, candles and shell items etc.

The head office of Aarong, located in Mohakhali, co-ordinates the smooth functioning and communication with its producers, suppliers and outlets. There are 8 outlets of Aarong through which it markets its products. The 5 branches in Dhaka are located in Lalmatia, Gulshan, Moghbazar,...
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