Process Improvement

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Process Improvement Plan

February 4, 2013

Process Improvement Plan

At the beginning of this course students were instructed by the course facilitator to select a process that students perform daily but would like to spend less time doing (University of Phoenix, 2010). The writer chose the weekday morning routine including the commute to the train station, as once in a while the write would miss the train. In week one the writer created a flowchart to identify stages of the process in review and analyze the relationship between them. Further, the writer collected the morning routine data for the next four weeks, as well as identified possible bottlenecks within the process that may cause the write miss the train occasionally. This paper will cover the explanation of the “process control that is concerned with monitoring quality while the product or service is being produced” (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, p. 354). The paper will discuss the control limits of the morning routine in review; the effect of any seasonal factors and the confidence intervals based on the collected data points.

|Days of the week/Number of |Week 1 |Week 2 |Week 3 |Week 4 | |the weeks | | | | | |Monday |115 minutes |Stayed home |Federal Holiday |105 minutes | |Tuesday |120 minutes |135 minutes |110 minutes |110 minutes | |Wednesday |115 minutes |120 minutes |115 minutes |110 minutes | |Thursday |110 minutes |115 minutes |110 minutes |120 minutes...

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Easton, V. J., McColl J.H. (). Confidence Intervals. Retrieved from
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