Process Flowchart

Topics: Flowchart, Design, Patient Pages: 4 (984 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Flowchart for a Process
Inez Williams
Operations Management- OPS/571
Professor John Quesnel
University of Phoenix
February 4, 2013

Flowchart for a Process
The Pre-Admissions Testing (PAT) department at Good Samaritan Medical Center conducts pre-operative testing on almost every patient scheduled for surgery. The pre-surgical process from start to finish is more time-consuming than it has to be. This paper will identify a specific process, and design a flowchart that gives a visual of the pre-surgical process. The flowchart will show the various factors that affect the design process, and highlight the specific process. By designing a flowchart for the process, the intent is to identify the amount of time, redundancy of calls made to the patient, and initiate ideas to make the process more efficient. Factors Affecting Process Design

Factors that affect the process design are
1. Is the patient scheduled as soon as the reservation is received? 2. Is the pre-admissions department notified in a timely manner for next day add- ons? 3. Is the patients contact information correct?

Each factor mentioned has a huge impact on the outcome of the pre-admission process. Additional factors that affect the process design are 1. Incorrect spelling of names
2. Incorrect booking status
3. Surgery cancellations and updating surgical schedule in a timely manner Indentified Metric
The metrics identified to measure the process is time, efficiency, and productivity. The following data gives a brief description of the daily activities, and the flowchart gives a description of the PAT process. Week# 1

Tuesday – 01/28/13- Scheduled several appointments; two patients showed up for appointments that were not on the schedule and had to be rescheduled due to the schedule being full. Several patients were called two or three times due to lack of communication. Called doctor offices to get correct patient phone numbers. Wednesday- 01/29/13- Had to...
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