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Linda Marler
English 1015
Essay 3: Process
March 6, 2015

How to make Grace’s famous pizza

You can make Grace’s Famous Pizza in 5 easy steps! You are probably wondering, who is Grace? And what makes her pizzas so famous? Grace is my family’s best pizza maker. She has a unique way of making pizza and when someone wants pizza, they ask for Grace. I should also explain that Grace is a 7 year old girl.

First rule of pizza making is to gather your ingredients. Graces pizzas need pizza sauce, pepperonis, pineapples, black olives, cheddar cheese, and premade pizza crust. We use whole wheat crust in our home but any will do. When you have collected all of the ingredients, it’s time to go to the next step.

Next, you should preheat your oven. You can follow the instructions on the back of your crust package. If you live in a higher elevation, you may have to adjust the temperature accordingly. We cook our crust at 350 degrees.

This is where Grace’s pizzas are different from the others. Topping placement. With a normal pizza you will find that the topping are placed randomly on the top. Grace has a special way to place hers. First, you should spread the pizza sauce and cheese evenly over the pizza. Then place the ingredients one on top of the other. Place the pepperoni, then place the pineapples on top of the pepperoni. Lastly place the black olives on top of the pineapples. Now you should have an interesting looking pizza.

After you have placed all of the ingredients on the pizza, it is time to cook it. This is where the ingredients cook together and create a completely new flavor. A flavor our family members have come to love. Place your pizza and cook it according to the instructions on the crust package. We bake ours about 12 to 15 minutes. Make sure your pizza is cooked completely before removing. The cheese should be melted and the crust should be a light brown.

Finally, take the pizza out of the oven and let it cool. Now it’s time to enjoy...
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