Process Design Matrix Summary

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Process Design Matrix Summary

Process Design Matrix Summary
This summary entails three process design approaches for a service providing organization (Chaparral Suits Hotel & Resort) and for a small manufacturing organization (Something Sweet Bakery). Although process design varies for service and manufacturing organizations, “process design is a critical function in any operation” (Service versus Manufacturing Process Design Video). The three process design approaches that I pulled from the matrix are; design focal point, scheduling, and quality. I will explain how the same three process design approaches apply to each of these organizations in diverse industries.

Process Design Approaches in a Service Organization This portion of the summary will illustrate how the three selected process design approaches are implemented in a service providing organization like Chaparral Suits Hotel & Resort.

Design Focal Point
The first process design approach is the design focal point. With regards to Chaparral Suits Hotel & Resort the design focal point is devised to meet the customers needs. For example, about 60% of the Chaparral’s customers are seeking relaxation. The other 40% are seeking a convenient place to conduct business. Chaparral’s caters to both customer needs by choosing to have the hotel in a Resort location as well as near major freeways and large business organizations.

Scheduling Scheduling in a service providing industry like Chaparral Suites Hotel & Resort is essential for optimal performance. For example, during the off-season there is a higher rate of vacant rooms creating a dilemma of having excess staff. To deal with this yearly occurrence management has scheduled most of the employees paid time off during the off-season. Also, Chaparral uses websites like Expedia and Travelocity to try to sell any rooms not spoken for during the offseason. Furthermore, cross training is provided so that employees and resources

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