Process and Outcome

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Process and Outcome Evaluation

Week Five Checkpoint

Teresa Tracy


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Process evaluation
The characteristics of the process evaluation method are documentation and monitoring of program planning, implementation, and interrelationship of components of the proposed project. The process evaluation method uses qualitative and quantitative measures to check the effectiveness of the program benefits. This method of evaluation documents the appropriateness and acceptability of the program, within the target community. The three main components of the process evaluation are program planning, program interventions, and data-base management systems to achieve these aims (Martin. L.). Staff questionnaires are used in collecting evaluation data for scheduling, planning, development, the appropriateness curriculum, organizational administration, execution, and community and collaboration roles. Wherever the process shows to be ineffective and /or inefficient this lets modifications to be made. Process evaluation gets community and client satisfaction data to use in the process of the evaluation. Other things that are checked are staff recruitment, training, and hiring. Parts of process evaluations are cost analysis, project goals and objectives, linkages with managed health care, case management recording, program outreach, target population, participant and staff satisfaction, program usage, planning development, staff recruitment, hiring and training. These are used to document operations and their effectiveness. The detailed reviews show data that allows for complete analysis of costs and if goals and objectives are being met. Examples of process

1. Program staff and volunteers...

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