Procedures for Carrying Out a Risk of a Selected Company

Topics: Risk, South Thames College, Occupational safety and health Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: February 6, 2012
Explain the procedures for carrying out a risk assessment in a selected workplace situation. Design a blank template to record risk assessment information (P4).

Procedures for carrying out a risk assessment at STC:

1) Identifying potential hazards:

Identifying the hazards involves searching for potential objects and situations that could cause harm to employees and students of South Thames College. Students, employees and visitors can also provide valuable information on hazards that were not spotted before. Their views are as important as information provided on websites that could help in identifying potential hazards for example, Health and Safety Executive website.

The college can also call the HSE info line if there is an immediate guidance or advice needed from a specialist, and for example, the HSE Manager is not around due to illness or some other reasons. As an educational institution, STC could get in touch with the UCU (University and College Union) and ask them about various health and safety issues.

Some other ways of identifying hazards are for example, reading the instructions for particular equipment or checking ‘data sheet’ if dealing with chemicals. Accident and incident book is always useful for STC as it provides information on previous examples of accidents and incidents that happened at STC.

2) People who could be harmed and ways of getting hurt:

The college is aware of different groups of people who could be harmed at the premises of STC. However, the way it is done is a long term process because HSE Manager, Heads of Schools and some other members of staff need to identify those groups of people and state how they might be harmed. It will be different for every department, and all the groups of staff.

Firstly, the managers of particular departments will be thinking of obvious examples of groups of people that would need additional support such as new employees or students, expectant mothers, mothers with...
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