Procedural Justice and Order Maintenance Policing

Topics: Abuse, Police, Bullying Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: September 30, 2012
"Procedural Justice and Order Maintenance Policing: A Study of Inner-City Young Men's Perceptions of Police Legitimacy."Police and citizens generally hold many different views of law enforcement practices. Where order maintenance policing efforts are concerned, this discrepancy may be especially pronounced. Evidence suggests that some order maintenance strategies may differently affect disenfranchised persons such as minorities and the poor.Aggressive policing erodes trust in police for youth, especially minority youth because of how they get treated by the police. Aggressive policing can leave citizens feeling humiliated, violated, or even victimized. People who believe that the police engage in unfair practices, such as racially discriminatory policing, express much lower support for and trust in the police.Many of the study participants (which were the minority youth) came to view that the widespread use of Stop-and-Frisks became overly aggressive and they characterized their involuntary contacts with the police as demeaning and of inordinate frequency. The law violating behaviors of the participants influenced their perceptions of police by not trusting the police at all and not supporting them in any way.A policy that emerged from this research was respondents' feeling that officers were frequently discourteous and verbally abusive. The potentially damaging effects that such disrespectful treatment of citizens may have on police legitimacy, this kind of behavior also increases the likelihood that police-citizen encounters will be abundant with animosity evolving from both parties.The broad conclusion is that aggressive order maintenance manifesting in the form of widespread stop-and-frisks can compromise procedural justice and, therefore, undermine police legitimacy. Order maintenance policing entails a large amount of officer discretion. Abuse of this decision making power can discredit police in the eyes of the community. The establishment of boundaries...
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