Procedural Email Message

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Procedural Email Message: New Job Login Procedure
Marci Smith
English 315 – Professional Communications
Professor Brandy Isaacs
October 18, 2014

From: Marci Smith
Subject: New Job Login Procedure for ALL Service Technicians

Good morning Team,

The time is almost here where the new procedure for how you will login to each job will go into effect. This new process will begin this Monday 20, 2014. Ensuring that you will get paid for each job you complete, you must login, enter the codes and save the information before moving on to the next job. The procedure videos that were shown in the meeting and training last week are still accessible at You must make sure that all codes get entered for all service and maintenance for each job. We are no longer able to go back and edit missing codes. These codes are essential because they determine what you get paid for each job. I am suggesting that you review the videos again and if you need further assistance, please reach out to your leads with your questions or concerns. I am available for any questions or concerns that you may have as well. Looking forward to a smooth transition to our new system. In Support,

Marci Smith, Training Manager
Attachment: Procedures for Job Login
Sign into WorkForce with your Tech ID and password each morning. The “Home” page will display all of your jobs for the current day. Click on the job number for the appropriate time frame. The next screen will display the page where the codes get entered. Select the “Enter Service Code” box, after completion of the service or maintenance work for a particular job. Enter all the codes that coordinate with the work that you did. Up to ten (10) codes are accepted for each job. Next, in the bottom right corner, click the “Save” option and all the information for the job will...
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