Topics: Motivation, Time management, Procrastination Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: December 2, 2000
Procrastination, and my college experiences

Joaquin Cabrera

HCOP Summer Program
Mrs. Andrea Reily Helzner
Monday, july 17, 2000
According to the article (Magazine: Journal do- Genetic Psychology, December 1999), procrastination is referred as the act of needlessly delaying a task until the point of some discomfort. This is a behavior problem that many adults experience on a regular basis. In this paper I will be talking about two studies that researched about how procrastination hits students. It will also talk about ways to put an end to procrastination and give stories about people who overcame procrastination and achieved their goals. Toward the end I will talk about how procrastination effected me in my first semester.

Procrastination Research
In the first article (Magazine: Journal do- Genetic Psychology, December 1999), they decided to do a study about locus of control of reinforcement. This refers to the way students think about their papers or research. If external they do not care about the papers and do other things. If they are internal they will do their paper really fast, since their desire comes from having the paper done. In previous research they have found that there is no relation between locus of control and academic procrastination. They have also found that procrastinators had a greater external locus of control than non-procrastinators did. They say that procrastinators were more likely than non-procrastinators to have better success on exams due to the "cramming" that they do. All of this was about to change when scientists decided to do the present studies about procrastination. In these present studies they found out that the students with internal control expectancies would procrastinate more than those with external control expectancies. They found out that the students would procrastinate more when given a hard project than when they are given an easy project.

In the same article they did another study, this...

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