Problems I Face as a Writer

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As a writer myself I face some problems when producing a piece of writing such as an essay, a letter or an article. I usually find it hard to come up with an introduction for an essay or a paragraph, to build unified paragraphs with coherence and to analyze a subject.

By saying analyzing a subject, I mean writing about a topic in more depth, supporting an opinion and giving examples. Journalists most of the times have to do a research in books, encyclopedias, the internet and other resources just to be able to write an article with the right content.

Although content is crucial, writers have to combine everything they know about a subject to create unified paragraphs with coherence. It is common, especially for teenagers, when writing an essay to get out of topic in some paragraphs. Apart from this, writers have to make sure that all sentences in a paragraph are smoothly connected with each other. With coherence, a piece of writing is easier to read and the audience won’t have trouble understanding it or getting lost.

The introduction is also one of the hardest parts in an essay writing procedure. It is really important that the introduction doesn’t bore the reader but make him read further down. A lot of times, we read an article and stop reading it after the first paragraph even if the rest of the writing is nicely written.

From all of the above, I believe that being able to have both, unity and coherence, in a written work, is the “secret” of good writing. To achieve that, writers will have to focus in one main topic in each of their paragraph and could use transitions.

Those where the major difficulties I have in writing. I suppose when I was young, I wasn’t reading enough. If not articles in newspapers, then articles in a magazine and books about different subjects. As I grew up, I started reading more of those, hence I am find it quite easier than before to write down an essay.

Now, as a college student I am...
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