Problems with The Black Dahlia Investiation

Topics: Black Dahlia suspects, Black Dahlia, The Black Dahlia Pages: 4 (1526 words) Published: October 18, 2013

There have been many crimes in history that become well known to the public. Whether solved or unsolved the investigation is the main cause of the status of the case. Investigators have the largest role in solving the case. Some investigations may be performed very well but not solve the case. Others may be performed poorly resulting in no solution or a wrongful one. The Black Dahli case is one that I believe could have been performed much better.

Though there are some theories about the person responsible, the Black Dahlia case is considered unsolved by the FBI. The Black Dahlia case is the murder and mutilation of twenty two year old Elizabeth Short. Elizabeth was last seen alive on January 9th 1947 leaving the Biltmore Hotel lobby (Hodel, 2003). On the morning of January 15th 1947 a woman called the police when she discovered the body of a woman a few inches away from the sidewalk (“The Black Dahlia” 2006). The woman’s body was cut in half at the waist. Her arms were angled forty five degrees above her head and the lower portion of her body was positioned a foot below the torso and slightly to the right. The body was cleaned and washed of blood (Scheeres, 2013). Fingerprints of the deceased woman were scanned using a “soundphoto” machine and then sent to the FBI for identification (Scheeres, 2013). The woman was soon identified as Elizabeth Short. Elizabeth’s father was questioned and he refused to identify the body. The investigators then questioned many of her previous boyfriends, still failing to obtain a good lead. When the media began reporting the murder of Elizabeth, there were more than thirty phone calls of people confessing to her murder (Scheeres, 2013). Investigators had a large case load questioning all of these people who claimed were responsible. There were multiple suspects in this case, but through more than sixty years there has yet to be one clear person of interest.

The investigation of this case is the main reason why this case...

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