Problems with Teen Voting

Topics: Voting, Election, Democracy Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: December 15, 2008
Louie Colon Journalism pd.9 Mrs. Rasmus 11/4/08 Teenagers these days do not believe in voting because they believe there votes will not matter whether or not they did vote. They might also believe that they might not get to give their opinion on the candidate they want to be in office. Many of us especially teenagers complain about how they have no voice in politics nowadays. They are often mistaken because I believe every vote counts. If we voted we would be playing a role in the changes we want to see. Teenagers should vote because by voting for the right president, the actions that he or she makes will determine our future. We will live under the government of the president and we should be able to respect the decisions he or she makes because we elected him for president. It is also important for us to vote because we are actually voting in favor of what changes we want to see or what things should be changed in favor of the people of our time. The candidate we elect should be able to make decisions that concern the people of our time. When a specific age group votes for a politician, that politician should target that age group. As a result, the politician might listen to our opinions and complaints. As for the people of my age, we are still young and we have our whole lives ahead of us. We are all attending high school and college and the cost of college is obviously not cheap and has been increasing over the years due to better quality education. Something needs to be done All of us are entitled to an education so therefore, college should be affordable. If college is not affordable, then the college should be able to provide some kind of aid to student to help pay for the expenses. Public healthcare should also be a concern for older teenagers. Most of them receive healthcare services through the plans they have with their families. That will only work for them until they turn eighteen, usually when they hit that age they are automatically...
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