Problems with Jetblue

Topics: John F. Kennedy International Airport, Storm, Winter storm Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: October 2, 2010
Problems at JetBlue
On Valentine’s Day 2007, a severe winter storm hit the northeastern portion of the United States causing many airlines to cancel many flights that resulted in other airlines to divert other flights to the John F. Kennedy airport in New York. JetBlue Airways decided to wait out the storm and found it impossible and unable to continue flights. JetBlue Airways began receiving irate passengers due to being bumped or routed to New York. As problems progressed, passengers found them self’s stranded and no Kiosks available through JetBlue Airways to reschedule or get a fund. All communication lines were tied up by irate passengers and other passengers wanting to get on their flights. As passengers struggled to get through to reservations, their bags piled up in huge mounds at airports. Surprisingly, JetBlue did not have a computerized system in place for recording and tracking lost bags.

The airline used a planning application to help figure out the best way to emerge from flight disruptions. The application allows operations planners to enter a number of scenarios: in order to determine which actions will get operations back on track in the quickest amount of time while minimizing passenger disruptions. However, the planners were unable to transfer the planning application’s solutions into the company’s flight operations applications.

JetBlue experienced an operational and, more importantly, a public relations nightmare with the company learning an expensive lesson (at least $30 million) about what happens when a company does not adequately prepare for disaster. The most damaging outcome, however, was the blow to its reputation.

I personally think the JetBlue Airways officials would have been more prepared for such damaging results. I would have implemented an emergency storm system to assist all reservations agents with the equipment to operate during such severe storms and ensured that during an emergency that everything would go...
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