Problems with Founding Fathers

Topics: United States, John Adams, George Washington Pages: 4 (1063 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Thomas Fogwell
Mrs. Leister
AP US History

Problems with the Fathers

George Washington faced some few yet significant issues regarding the foreign affairs policy of the United States after becoming the first president of the United States of America. It had to do with the war between France and England that took place in the year 1793. The vinculum of the United States with the war was ineluctable as it was involved in trade relations with France. As a result, the British army had seized American ships that were carrying on the trade process with France. At this point of time, the United States needed to take an immediate decision that had to do with the extent of its participation in the war between France and England. Many people in the United States advocated the idea of United States supporting France in the war against England as France had done so for the United States in the 1770s nevertheless the United States did not do that. In fact, it signed a peace treaty with Britain, which was deemed unfair by many people but President George Washington took a prudent step at this juncture, fully aware of the fact that the United States was not capable of affording another war against England.

In 1789 our first President, George Washington, faced many problems. It seemed as though the Westerners might abandon this new government, and the United States were afraid that their western territory might be taken away by the foreign powers. There was a possibility that the United States would break up into several small republics. Three main problems that might cause this are: export restrictions, fighting on the frontier, and the national debt.

In 1789 the United States had to deal with many serious problems. First, the French and British placed export restrictions which caused problems for many farmers, sailors, and merchants. Southern planters were frustrated because their principal crops, tobacco and rice, failed. In 1790 less...
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