Problems of Ponography

Topics: Pornography, Internet, Pornographic film Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: April 11, 2008
This is a paper that explores the problems of pornography. It will be my purpose to identify the ways in which pornography is harmful to our society. Secondly I will describe two of the most troublesome and important issues involving pornography and finally I will present a series of ideas on how to solve these issues. I believe that pornography and its messages help shape attitudes and encourage behaviors that can harm individual users and their families. I believe pornography affects every person in our society; and furthermore I believe that unless the problems described in my paper are taken into consideration society will continue to be exposed to the numerous types of pornography. Identifying the Problem

Many people think that pornography is just harmless fun and that it has no negative effects. However, it is almost impossible not to be affected by pornography, legal or not (Lloyd). Research has shown that pornography and its messages are involved in shaping attitudes and encouraging behavior that can harm individual users and their families. Pornography is often viewed in secret, which creates dishonesty within marriages that can lead to divorce in some cases. In addition, pornography promotes the allure of adultery, prostitution and unreal expectations that can result in dangerous promiscuous behavior. Young people growing up in our already overly sexualized culture are being exposed to sexually explicit material on a daily basis through network television, movies, music and the Internet. Children are being subjected to sexual material and messages before they are mentally prepared to understand or assess what they are viewing. Describing the Problem

Pornography is nothing new to human society. Today's pornography has reached a level of degradation and violence that is astounding. While some may argue that pornography is restricted to those over the age of 18, this is simply untrue. The age at which children have access to pornography is becoming...

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