Problems of Merger Police Departments

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Merger Problems

The problem that the police departments are facing is that these departments don’t have the correct financial support to make a metro police department. The problem of the metro merger is that police officers would be demoted from chief and would be brought down to the captain rank. Another problem is that there’s a problem with deciding who’s going to run the whole metro police department. Another problem is how’s the funding for the metro police department going to take place. In the paper there are going to be multiple problems that are going to be discussed.

The county executive Joel A. Giumbra wants to fold the city’s police force into the sheriff’s department to save money, mainly through labor cost reductions. The problem is that the sheriff’s department wouldn’t be financially stable if they merge. A solution to the problem is by reducing man power. If police departments reduce down to one-man cars then there might be enough saving for one city to skip the merger. To stop this problem from reoccurring again you would make sure that the police department doesn’t do anything they can’t afford. Also they should focus on the one-man car patrols to save money.

The situation that departments are facing is that the departments are having problems with overtime. The problem is that the departments are paying too much out to overtime. The reason why this problem occurs is that when police officers are going to retire they ask for overtime so that it builds up there pension. They ask for they overtime because it builds up their annual salary and the pension goes off the best 3 years of an officers carrier and it determines on how much they earn on their pension after they retire. A way to solve this problem is that they get proper staffing. If the departments get proper staffing then they wouldn’t have to pay these officers who are due to retire overtime if they have an officer who they could pay at set hourly wage.

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